Introducing The 
Cash Discount Program

We are proud to offer our merchants the Cash Discount Program to help eliminate the burden of cost for accepting credit cards. The Cash DiscountProgram encourages customers to pay with cash or check.

"I took the $600 a month in savings and reallocated the funds to social media marketing and have watched my business grow ever since”

Stacie | Stacie’s Cottage Cafe
St. Pete,Fl | Average ticket $9

How It Works

If the customer opts to pay via credit card, the credit card terminal will automatically calculate the added service charge into the total for them to pay. As a merchant, you do not need to change any of your pricing, just sign up for the program and we do the rest!



We decide how we can help you in your specific case, the structure of your company and how this can be applied to better serve you and your customers.

Game Plan

We will break down our process to roll out the program and how we will gently implement this program with as little impact with on your current customers.


The program is setup behind the scenes. We setup signage in your business, separate your cash discount account and get your processes aligned for success.